Welcome to the School Counseling Services Secure Client Area

This secure web portal is used by onsite providers and the host organization personnel working in partnership with the onsite mental health professional and the office of Kurt LaRose MSW LCSW LICSW. Clients at the onsite host organization may (at the sole discretion of the onsite provider) access the online digital profile (for secure emails, online journaling, video and chat sessions, and to download shared notes from the onsite therapist).

The terms governing the professional school counseling services program are specifically addressed in the current and most recent "School Counseling Services Program Proposal and Agreement" (between the named host organization and the office of LaRose) and in the current and most recent "School Counseling Services Subcontractor Agreement" (between the named onsite provider and the office of LaRose).

Clients (or their guardians) who are the recipients of the onsite counseling services provide written consent for digital secure server data use/storage; clients who use the online digital secure server services themselves (video sessions, chat sessions, telephone services, secure emailing and journaling, plus other online digital services) must obtain permission to do so from the onsite counselor, and if available, clients (and their guardians) must provide written consent. Because not all onsite providers use the client/counselor shared platform, clients should ask their therapist if the option is available.

This secure area is password protected, HIPAA Compliant, and user to user encrypted. Encryption ensures that information shared over this platform is only viewable between users, enhancing privacy and security.

The onsite Professional School Counseling Services being provided here, are implemented and delivered using existing program protocol (as published elsewhere on the TalkifUwant.com website; see the "schools" link for more information). The secure area includes agency specific and basic forms for standard documentation procedures, and this area ensures program integrity via a standard service delivery mechanism that is monitored, supervised and co-jointly facilitated between the onsite provider and the office of LaRose (both licensed in mental health services treatment methods). The onsite counseling services program is designed to meet the needs of the particular organization seeking onsite mental health services, and it enables consistent program outcomes. Additionally the program structure maintains and supports the mental health expertise of the onsite provider (specific to his/her training, background, and practice approach), enabling a dynamic intervention method that is face to face, digitally supported and remotely accessible.

Onsite school counseling services are available in conjunction with the professional contracted and consultative services as developed by (and with the expressed consent of) the office of Kurt LaRose MSW LCSW LICSW. Any use of the school counseling services program protocol as outlined herein and any use specific to the onsite counseling services program as designed, implemented, and evaluated on the TalkifUwant.com website is expressly prohibited. For more information about the onsite professional program implementation of mental health services, please contact the office of LaRose at 850.545.2886.

The contracted onsite provider for this particular host organization and onsite location is: Paul Peavy, LMHC (Florida Lic. # MH4440). For direct contact with the onsite provider, users (personnel, clients, guardians and other parties affiliated with the school where service delivery occurs) should make initial contact onsite.

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