Kurt LaRose MSW LCSW LICSW (Onsite School Counseling Services)

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This web portal is an added service to assist onsite providers of mental health services and host organizations (the school for example), and onsite clients (youth and guardians). Host organizations who are contracted with the office of LaRose, are using an existing, extablished, and evaluated program, effective in the successful delivery of counseling services where onsite mental health counseling is currently provided and contracted. This password protected, secure encrypted, HIPAA compliant platform offers a unique communication platform for optimal onsite services delivery. Users (clients, school personnel, onsite providers, program evaluators, parents, and other parties as deemed necessary to effect positive outcomes) of onsite school counseling services, who also use the online web portal, can access, complete, and submt forms securely (without printing, saving, mailing or the worry of losing anything); users can send/recieve secure emails (user to onsite provider encrypted, provider to user encrypted, all in a confidential, electronic digital format, that is HIPPA Compliant and meets electronic health record standards); users can write journals (private only or shared when the therapist requests it); users can access counselor shared files, shared session notes/assignments and shared images when the onsite counselor makes them available; plus onsite personnel can communicate with the therapist via the secure area (accessing shared files as well) so that mental health information is kept private between personnel and the onsite provider.

All users of the onsite school counseling services program (please see the website, and click "schools" for more information about the program protocol, structure, etc.) will obtain digital profile information during the introductory seminar upon program implementation (clients will recieve information about the electronic health records and the digital profile with permission slips and during the initial intake). All client records, in compliance with electronic health record standards are stored in the digital profile; the data is maintained via the secure area. For clients and providers who decide to communicate via the secure server, an additional consent form is offered during the intake session (intake occurs after a client is accepted into the onsite counseling services program, subsequent to the school referral form and the consent for school counseling services form - based on space limitations and the determinations of need in the intake session. NOTE: Not all providers will allow clients to use the client side services in the digital profile; for providers who do allow digital communications via the secure profile, consent must first be obtained from guardians. All secure communications remain confidential between the licensed mental health professional(s) and the client.

If you need information in setting up a digital profile AND you are with a host organization (either as a client, a parent, a teacher, etc.) where onsite school counseling services are currently contracted/provided, please contact the onsite provider at your particular school.

Professionals/agencies/organizations who are interested in learning more about the implementation, development, and evaluation of onsite counseling services, using a specific program protocol (with or without the online web, chat, telephone and digital profile options) can obtain additional information by contacting: